What do you notice ?

Your skin is dry, very dry, on your legs and arms. Rough to the touch, it feels tight; its surface is no longer smooth, but slightly coarse. Tights catch as you slip them on. If you have skin that is sensitive to the cold and dryness in the atmosphere, cracks and flaking may appear. Dry skin can feel itchy and uncomfortable due to this flaking.

Did you know ?

Don't dry up!

When the stratum corneum, the body's envelope, is particularly dry, it is deficient in water and lipids. Many factors may be responsible for this. Environmental reasons, for example: cold, wind, sun, excessive heat, etc. Age also gradually plays a role in drying out the skin.

What you should do

A gentle cleansing gel, a soap or a liquid cleanser rich in emollients to counteract the drying effect of hard water.

Warm showers instead of hot baths.

Devise a stimulating customised programme with a healthy diet, light seasonal recipes, physical exercise to music to help you feel at your best.

What you should avoid


  • Overly long or overly frequent sun exposure.

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"Hi I get cheilitis very often and would like to know which lip balm is the most suitable for my sensitive lips. Thanks"


I would start by having a look at La Roche-Posay's Nutritic Lips as this will help soothe and hydrate your lips throughout the day. However, as this product isn't specifically formulated for your concern; it may be beneficical for you to contact your local GP in order to be prescribed something that will help you frther in regards to the inflamatory side. I hope this helps.
Corinne, myDermacenter 31 years


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