Lack of firmness



What do you notice ?

Over the course of time, collagen becomes less soluble and less resistant to breakage. The modifications in the elastic fibre network mean skin loses elasticity and begins to slacken slightly. Gravity then does the rest. There are solutions for increasing the feel of its firmness.

Did you know ?

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The skin must adapt in the face of many situations that can have varying consequences on its beauty. Sun exposure, diets, pregnancies, hormonal changes, stress, etc. are all factors that have an impact on its quality. This leads to a loss of elasticity and suppleness. Less smooth and firm, the skin tends to sag and become lined. Just like the face, the skin needs suitable skincare to target the appearance of signs which result from the biological ageing process. For example, helps stimulate surface skin cell renewal, reinforces its moisture barrier and helps skin feel firmer.

What you should do

Take a cool shower with a moisturising shower gel followed by a lotion with a firming effect.

Sculpt your figure with firming and slimming skincare, working up from the feet to the bust using a rolling massage technique.

Devise a stimulating customised programme with a healthy diet, light seasonal recipes, physical exercise to music, etc. to improve the firmness of your body.

What you should avoid


  • Overly long or overly frequent sun exposure.

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