Stretch marks



What do you notice ?

Are you familiar with the lines in the form of streaks that form in quite precise areas of the body such as the stomach, thighs, bottom or bust, sometimes the lower back or the inside of the arms or under the armpits? Yes, of course, they are stretch marks that come in a range of colours, varying from purplish red to pearlescent white. 

Did you know ?

Prevention is better than cure

Stretch marks are due to changes in the collagen and elastic fibres that form part of the dermis' structure. The skin has its own degree of elasticity but if it stretches too quickly or vigorously, the dermis tears. Some hormones such as cortisol can decrease the amount of collagen in the skin. This reduces the flexibility of the skin and makes strecth marks more likely to appear. This is why hormonal surges (puberty, pregnancy) often encourage stretch marks to appear. In the event of a major physical change (overly fast weight loss or weight gain), both women and men are also more prone to the phenomenon. While stretch marks are difficult to get rid of, oil-based creams specifically formulated to help improve the appearance of stretch marks can be effective. For a more permanent solution, you might wish to speak to a Dermatologist about treatment such as light therapy.

What you should do

As a preventive step, apply a nourishing cream using a

Exfoliate your body regularly to renew the dermis and regenerate the tissue.

Camouflage. Using self-tanner or waterproof concealing make-up (for the beach).

What you should avoid


  • Excessively strict diets that lead to too fast changes in weight.

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