Dark circles



What do you notice ?

Under each eye, you observe a purplish-blue area of varied intensity or dark shadows.  You immediately feel like you look under par. Your eyes appear sunken and your eye area lacks openness and expressiveness.

Did you know ?

Clearly determine the cause

The skin of the eye contour area is finer than the rest of the face and the sebaceous glands are significantly fewer than on the rest of the face. The appearance of tired-looking eyes can be caused by factors such as: anatomical (shape of the face), vascular or pigmentary (excess melanin). Particular attention to this area will help reduce the look of tired-looking eyes and camouflage dark circles.

What you should do

Apply eye contour care by tapping very lightly with the fingertips to help drain the area.

Conceal your dark circles with a pearlescent light roll-on highlighter or a concealer stick or brush to neutralise the bluish hue and add dimension to hollows.

What you should avoid


  • A lack of sleep and cigarette smoking.
  • Forgetting to wear prescription glasses if needed to prevent repeated blinking or rubbing of tired eyelids.

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