Fragile Lashes



What do you notice ?

When you sweep a cotton pad soaked in make-up remover over your eyes, do you always find a few lashes stuck to it? A key feature of the eye area, the lashes are often forgotten about in beauty routines, yet deserve a great deal of attention and treatments to keep them feeling strong and looking healthy.

Did you know ?

An expert eye…

Not all lashes are the same. On average, they can measure 6 to 12 mm long while their diameter can vary from 11 to 120 micrometers in diameter.  Their curve may also vary (from 80° to 120°). The upper eyelid counts between 90 and 160 lashes to help protect the eyeball from dust or irritant foreign bodies. But this role exposes them to external aggressors (UV rays, water, repeated rubbing). The lashes feel fragile and are susceptible to breaking. Their life cycle is faster than that of the hair.

What you should do

Choose a gentle eye make-up remover that is nonetheless able to dissolve make-up without rubbing.

Apply a product for the eyes and lashes morning and evening or a caring mascara designed to strengthen the feel of lashes and is gentle on their delicate nature.

What you should avoid


  • Harsh rubbing when you remove eye make-up.
  • Waterproof mascara that is more difficult to remove, if you don't need to wear it.
  • Overuse of eyelash curlers and lash perms in beauty salons.

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