Blemishes: spots and blackheads



What do you notice ?

Your little blemishes may cause a great deal of bother: thick looking skin, a dull complexion, enlarged pores*, shine** and oiliness in the T-zone or all over the face. And they can take the form of blackheads, visible and painful imperfections... But, all the same, be careful not to 'overreact'! The idea is to choose targeted skincare to prevent the situation from getting worse! A good understanding of how your skin works and treating it extremely kindly are the keys to improving its condition.

Did you know ?

Spots and blackheads: when everything accelerates

Several factors responsible for these blemishes can trigger or accelerate the overproduction of sebum and resulting microbial proliferation. These include smoking, stress, tiredness and hormonal changes (puberty, premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy). The sebaceous glands get carried away and produce too much sebum (oily substance). The sebum can blick hair follicles. When dead skin cells mix with the sebum, imperfections can appear. If the blocage oxidises, a blackhead is formed. Bacteria can multiply in an around the blocked follicle leading to spots.

What you should do

Cleanse your oily skin morning and evening with a gentle, non-detergent and non-comedogenic product (e.g.:gel, micellar water, lotion) to help remove impurities which can lead to an imperfection..

A micrograin or enzyme exfoliation and a mask once a week will brighten your complexion.

Use a pigment-rich, non-comedogenic concealer to cover your blemishes.

What you should avoid


  • Touch your face as little as possible with your hands, which carry bacteria found on mobile phones, touch screens, steering wheels, etc.
  • Do not squeeze your spots! Instead use targeted products to isolate them, minimising the chance of having a mark.
  • Alcohol-based products that will activate the overproduction of sebum as a defence mechanism.
    Overly oily creams and overly rich textures that prevent the skin from breathing and block pores even more.

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"Should I squeeze my blackheads? "


I would not recommend to squeeze your blackheads. Blackheads contain bacteria beneathe the skin surface and squeezing can lead to this spreading and also make them more inflamed. It could also lead to scarring.
Corinne, MyDermaCenter 31 years

"I've got some brown spots as I used to live in a hot country and I've got combination skin. Can it helps me? And if it can, can I use it during the day, in a sunny day? Thanks. Lia"


You may wish to consider the Blemish + Age Defense as it is formulated to help with imperfections and can be used both day and night. Alternatively, you may also wish to consider the Advanced Pigment Corrector which can also be used both day and night and will help with the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. As another option, if you were thinking about a serum; I would suggest having a look at the Phloretin CF which is specifically formulated for combination skin and skin prone to dark spots. However, this can only be used during the day. And finally, it may be worthwhile having a look at our excellent sun screen range for high protection if you are out in the sun often, to prevent further dark spots. I hope this helps!
Corinne, myDermacenter 31 years

"What size bottles are in the anti blemish set?"


Hi there! In the anti blemish set, the Effaclar Purifing Foaming Cleansing Gel is 125ml, the Effaclar Clarifying Toner is 200ml and the Effaclar Duo [+] is 40ml. Please do let me know if you have any further questions or queries and I’ll be happy to help.
Corinne, myDermacenter 31 years


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