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Learn How To Sculpt Your Face

Ever heard of face contouring? This great sculpting make-up technique brings out your best features by playing with light and shadow, using the same tricks as professional painters and photographers. Our top make-up artist Pascale Guégan gives us the lowdown on this flattering optical illusion. Sculpt and brighten your face in less than five minutes with these simple pointers.

Did you know ?

It's all about contrast

Pascale Guégan, can you explain the basic principle behind using make-up to sculpt and enhance facial features? “The key is to use two contrasting shades – one light and one dark. The lighter colour should be as close as possible to your natural skin tone – or one shade darker if you’ve been out in the sun! This colour brightens certain areas of your face, such as your forehead and eyes, so that they reflect the light and give you a radiant complexion. The darker shade (it should be one or two tones darker) is used to structure and emphasise, to reduce plump cheeks and disguise a double chin, giving you a stunning, sculpted look.”

What you should do

Once we’ve chosen our two compact foundation colours, what’s the next step? “I would suggest that you start by applying the lighter shade all over your face as a base, and then highlight all those facial areas that naturally “stick out”, to brighten your complexion. Focus on the middle of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, the area under your eyes, the groove just above your upper lip (philtrum), the corners of your lips and the middle of your chin.”

Our professional make-up artist has a handy trick that can make all the difference: “Wet your applicator sponge and squeeze it out thoroughly between your fingers before using it to apply your foundation. Spread your chosen product liberally, using the sponge to soften any visible marks.”

What you should avoid


  • Do not choose a really dark shade foundation to contour, this should only be one shade lighter than your natural skin tone, you want to create a natural-looking contour.

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