Chapped or dry lips



What do you notice ?

In the event of exceptional weather conditions, such as wind, the winter cold or intense sun on the beach, your lips very quickly begin to bother you. They feel fragile and dry, sometimes painful cracks may appear.

Did you know ?

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The fine membrane that covers the lips is particularly sensitive to factors that may dry the lips. These include cold and dry environments, UV rays, pollution and smoking, along with saliva. Other reasons, such as an episode of sinusitis or a cold forcing you to breathe through your mouth, may also explain this discomfort. And when the dryness is intense and causes cracks, the return to normal may take a while.

What you should do

Moisturise your lips every day if your sensitive skin appears delicate and shield it from attack with an oil-rich formula for a barrier effect.

When skiing or at the beach, choose a lip balm with sun protection and apply it regularly.

Choose a lipstick enriched in moisturising agents or apply a balm under your make-up.

What you should avoid


  • Lick your lips in an attempt to temporarily relieve this discomfort, which on the contrary risks making it worse.
  • Pulling off flakes of dead skin caused by chapping

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