Highly sensitive and reactive skin



What do you notice ?

Does your skin get carried away at every turn: on awakening, during the day, even during the night when you're asleep?  Sensitive skin can be particularly vulnerable when exposed to certain external factors.

Did you know ?

Chain reactions

Sensitive skin is not linked to a particular skin type. Oily, combination or blemish-prone skin can be faced with this problem in the same way as dry skin. The causes of sensitive skin can vary widely: certain cosmetics, climate or hormonal changes, stress, rubbing, etc. Even overly hard water can become sensitive skin's enemy. If you are concerned about your skin's sensitivity, we invite you to consult your GP or Dermatologist.

What you should do

Choose hypoallergenic products, which have been formulated to minimise the chance of allergy.

What you should avoid


  • Mechanical actions and harsh rubbing on the skin (cleansing cotton pad, brushes, sponges, clothing).
  • Exfoliating too regularly.

Questions & Answers

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"How can I take care of my sensitive skin during winter? "

Melanie 31 years

For sensitive skin I would recommend to ensure that you are moisturising daily with a rich moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated. I would also recommend to use a night cream daily and a masque 1-3 times a week to hold in the moisture.
Corinne, MyDermaCenter 31 years

"Would the Rosaliac CC cream work for my porcelain / light ivory skin colour, or will it be too dark?"

Elena 25 years

Hi there! As you can appreciate, it can be difficult to recommend a shade when we cannot see your skin! Due to different products having different formulas, we cannot recommend a direct like for like shade. However, as the Rosaliac CC Cream comes in a universal shade, I would recommend visiting a larger Boots of which we supply testers to so you can try this particular product on and see which shade would suit you best. Please find below a store locator for you to find your nearest stockist: http://ow.ly/10F9j4. Please do let me know if you have any further questions or queries and I’ll be happy to help.
Corinne, myDermacenter 31 years


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