What do you notice ?

Your skin may feel tight for a thousand and one reasons! The wind, sun, salt, chlorine, pollution, fabric rubbing, hair removal, shaving, etc. The result? All over the face or in more specific areas, the skin can feel tight and uncomfortable. It protests and cries out for comfort and pampering. Its needs to recover an effective moisture barrier and optimal hydration so as to once again be able to defend itself against dryness.

Did you know ?

Recover self-control

Uncomfortable skin is skin that has been attacked by external factors of all kinds (weather elements, pollution, rubbing). It may feel tight, dry and itchy. Itching is a little less common.

While it is not easy to prevent every cause of tight and uncomfortable feeling skin, the benefit of acting rapidly with effective hydrating skincare is clear: the skin feels immediately soothed, comforted and protected from dryness and can thus recover itself under optimal conditions. If you are concerned about your skin, you should speak to your GP or a Dermatologist.

What you should do

Soothe the feel of your skin by misting it with thermal water.

Protect your skin from the cold, wind and sun.

Apply a targeted hydrating skincare product in the evening.

What you should avoid


  • Everything that may irritate the skin: scrubs, sponges, brushes, clothing.
  • Do not scratch even if your skin is itchy.

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