Lack of firmness



What do you notice ?

As time goes by, the shape of your face can change... Have your cheeks become more hollow and now seem to have lost their plumpness? Are your eyelids gently sagging? As it loses its suppleness, your skin seems to be becoming finer and less plump. An observation that is emphasised even more on touching your skin, when you can feel this loss of density and elasticity under your fingertips. A new feeling of fragility most often also accompanies these phenomena linked to skin ageing.

Did you know ?

Know how to be firm

Under the combined action of pressure, the effect of gravity and the disintegration of fat and muscle tissue, the facial contours begin to lose their definition. The dermis becomes thinner and tends to subside. This loss of firmness is reflected in poorer elasticity and sagging towards the lower part of the face and neck. The menopause may accentuate this phenomenon, which is very sensitive to hormonal changes.

What you should do

Choose anti-wrinkle skincare (serum + cream) with a firming effect to help your skin feel firmer. If you have sensitive skin you may want to choose skincare especially developed for sensitive skin.

Supplement your skincare routine with a healthy diet and lifestyle to help you feel at your best.

What you should avoid


  • In the evening, always remember to remove make-up and apply a richer cream to help the skin to care for itself at night.
  • Smoking and sun exposure must be significantly reduced, if eliminating them completely is out of the question.

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"I am 66 and have just started using the neovadiol range,which I like very much I have seen results, I am a month in and about to re-order. At my age is it worth me getting the neovadiol gf decreasing eye and lip cream?"

Bernadette 67 years

Hi there. This is completely down to your own discretion as you will know your skin the best. If you have noticed positive results from the Neovadial range and have enjoyed using this product, it may be beneficial for you to think about expanding on the range and trying a few other products to address any further skin concerns.
Corinne, myDermacenter 31 years


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