Uncomfortable dry skin



What do you notice?

If you had to describe your skin, what would you say? It is rough, has flaky and dry patches, it is dull and not very supple, it stings, overheats, feels itchy… Dry skin can be a nuisance and a source of a great deal of discomfort. Deciphering its needs and helping it to protect itself and rebuild its defences means moving towards finding soothing skincare and rediscovering the pleasure of wearing make-up and sometimes even a certain self-confidence. 

Did you know ?

Both sides of the barrier

Dry skin may lack water, lipids or both! Its texture is extremely fine and its pores almost invisible. As a result, it does not produce enough sebum and the hydrolipid film that serves as a barrier for the epidermis is impaired. This means that your skin can no longer retain moisture, in fact quite the opposite. The water that helps it to remain soft and plump evaporates too quickly. External aggressors such as UV rays and pollution attack it directly!

What you should do

Cleanse your dry skin with cleansing milks or make-up removers in the form of a milk, oil or light emulsion.

Spray a mist of water on your skin before moisturising it; the cream will be more effectively absorbed on a damp face (like a wet sponge, it will swell and better absorb the product).

Do not hesitate to reapply your product for dry skin several times a day.

What you should avoid


  • Soap-based cleansers.
  • Alcohol-based products.
  • Harsh rubbing.

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