Uneven skin texture



What do you notice ?

When you pass your hands over your face, instead of the soft and perfect skin you hope for, do you feel an uneven skin texture? Its texture is not exactly smooth, it appears slightly bumpy and thick... The complexion may seem rather dull and cloudy, sometimes with and uneven skin tone and imperfections. These are all blemishes that often affect oily or combination skin and that are generally accompanied by shine in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and the appearance of visible pores.

Did you know ?

Rectify the situation

The skin's uneven appearance can be due to the blemishes. Excess sebum leaves an oily film on the skin and dulls its radiance. Blackheads can be found in enlarged pores. Thoroughly cleansing your skin without rubbing it and targeting its care according to the blemishes observed are the keys to restoring the look of an even skin texture.

What you should do

Cleanse your oily skin morning and evening with a gentle and non-comedogenic product.

Treat yourself to a micrograin or exfoliation and a mask once a week to brighten your complexion.

What you should avoid


  • Abrasive soap or drying products that will strip the skin of its natural oils.
  • Overly oily creams and overly rich textures that may not suit oilier skin types.

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"I have Rosacea/redness or bumps/irritation on my cheeks, can you help? "

Pauline 48 years

As you are experiencing irritation I would recommend to consult with your GP prior to using any of our products. They will be able to establish what the most suitable products are for you. Our Rosaliac range is specifically designed to help with rosacea symptoms.
Corinne, MyDermaCenter 31 years


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