Hair loss or loss of density



What do you notice ?

Finding a few hairs that have fallen out overnight or when shampooing or styling is entirely normal! However, if you have noticed an acceleration or increase in the phenomenon, if you hair seems to lack lustre, only carefully observing the signs linked to this hair loss will allow you to put an end to it by adopting a targeted approach. Note down the elements that will allow you to get to the root of the problem and share them with a dermatologist. When did this hair loss increase? Is the loss of density over the whole head or specific to one or more areas? Is there a family history of hair loss?

Did you know ?

Good anchoring points

With an average of 120,000 hairs over almost 8 m² of scalp, the loss of a hundred or so hairs per day is completely normal. In the event of hair loss, it is recommended to take rapid action. In men, hair loss can be associated with hereditary and hormonal causes. In women, a visible decrease in hair density appears during seasonal changes, in the event of temporary tiredness or an imbalanced diet.

What you should do

Apply a hair product designed to increase the look of hair's fullness.

Lightly applying eyebrow make-up to the scalp with a brush instantly gives the illusion of thicker hair.

What you should avoid


  • Try to avoid aggravating the hair by avoiding, where possible: blow drying, dyeing the hair, perms, sun, straighteners, etc.
  • Overly strict diets, too much stress and tiredness.

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